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Henry McFadyen, Jr.

Henry McFadyen, Jr. ("Hank") writes about ballet, modern dance, opera, classical concerts, plays, painting, and documentary films for HDVD Arts. He long had a love for the fine arts. But he was frustrated about how few live shows he could see where he lived. He was also unsatisfied with the poor quality of LPs, CDs, regular TV, VHS, Laserdisc, and DVD.  But then high-definition TV arrived followed by the high-definition video disc (HDVD or Blu-ray). HDVD has finally allowed him to enjoy world-class performances at any time in his home theater in Dallas, Texas.

About the time the first fine-art HDVD (Paris Opera Ballet Swan Lake) came out in 2007, Hank started this website to find folks who share his interest in fine-art videos. Folks who help him with reviews on the site are called wonks.

Fine-arts HDVD has been astonishingly slow to catch on. It turns out that the difference between old standard television and Blu-ray resolution is not compelling for many people. Also, people who like the fine arts tend to distain television, and it is taking a while for them to get the word about great the new HDVD titles can be. In the meantime, the entertainment industry was mesmerized by the Internet and the prospect that all entertainment content would in the future be distributed electronically and without physical optical discs.

It's now February, 2016. Nobody is using the Internet to distribute fine-art videos with surround sound. There are some signs that the Blu-ray disc is starting to catch on with fine-arts fans. When 4K video is established in the market, it will be clear to all that HD TV has something extraordinary to offer. Hank and his fellow wonks still believe that the Blu-ray disc will be the key for many years in enjoying fine-acts videos at home. (And the wonks have a defense-in-depth. If the Internet does wipe out the Blu-ray disc, then "HDVD" also stands for High-Definition Video Downstream or Download.)

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  • E-mail: hmcfadyen@hdvdarts.com or hank@hdvdarts.com
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  • Denon AVR-2310CI Receiver
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  • Samsung Series 6+ 6500 59" 1080P Plasma TV
  • Paradigm Reference Studio 100 Speakers

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Last updated March 2016