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  • We are partners with Amazon in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany,  France, Spain, and  Italy. If you benefit from this site and you plan to buy something through the Internet, please consider placing your order with Amazon through the links we provide. We will earn a commission (usually about 5%).
  • In the U.S., cduniverse sometimes posts a disc before Amazon gets around to it. So if you are in a hurry, try them.
  • Even though we are in Texas, we buy a lot from MDT Mail Order in England. MDT specializes in classical music. They recognize Blu-ray as an independent product category (go to "Format---Blu-ray" at the top of their website), which makes it easy to find what we are interested in. Best of all, they have a nice lady named Michelle Harrison who knows everything and quickly answers questions you send MDT by email. They are agile and get titles up for sale or preorder fast. Our favorite way to check for new titles now is to go to the Blu-ray section of the MDT website and then sort by "Date Added." This will put the latest new titles at the top of the list. MDT has frequent special sale prices which can compete with or beat Amazon.  They are set up, it appears, to deliver all over the world.
  • Another good English vendor is Presto Classical. They have a beautiful website with special links for Blu-ray titles.
  • A few Blu-ray titles of western classical music have been published in Japan for that market. Buying from Japan can be an adventure. Their products were extremely expensive, but the recent decline in the value of the yen has made it cheaper to buy Japanese prodects. So today the the best titles from NHK are a reasonable value.   We have had some success with Amazon in Japan. The Japanese Amazon site has an "In English"  link (if you can find it) that usually helps. Our purchases from them were shipped fast and securely via FedEx.

 Last updated February 7, 2016.