2016 New Year's Concert


2016 New Year's Concert by the Wiener Philharmoniker (Vienna Philharmonic) conducted by Mariss Jansons. Recorded January 1, 2016 at the Goldener Saal des Wiener Musikvereins. Bonus features are (1) 200 Years in Magical Salzburg and (2) complete ballet sequences to "Außer Rand und Band" and "Kaiser-Walzer" by the Vienna State Ballet choreographed by Jiří Bubeníček.  Directed for video by Michael Beyer. Released 2016, disc has 5.0 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Grade: NA

Features the following numbers (listed in alphabetical order---see artwork above for performance order):

  1. Joseph Hellmesberger Jr. "Ballszene" ("Ball Scene")
  2. Robert Stolz "UNO-Marsch" (March dedicated to the United Nations)
  3. Eduard Strauss "Mit Extrapost" "(Express Post")
  4. Eduard Strauss "Außer Rand und Band"("Out of Bounds")
  5. Johann Strauss I "Seufzer Galopp" ("Sighs Galop")
  6. Johann Strauss II "Schatz-Walzer" ("Treasure Waltz")
  7. Johann Strauss II "Violetta"
  8. Johann Strauss II"Vergnügungszug" ("Pleasure Train")
  9. Johann Strauss II Overture from Eine Nacht in Venedig (A Night in Venice)
  10. Johann Strauss II "Sängerslust" (Singer's Delight)
  11. Johann Strauss II Entr'acte from Fürstin Ninetta
  12. Johann Strauss II "Kaiser-Walzer" ("Emperor Waltz")
  13. Johann Strauss II "Auf der Jagd" ("At the Hunt")
  14. Josef Strauss "Sphärenklänge" ("Music of the Spheres")
  15. Josef Strauss "Auf Ferienreisen" ("On Vacation")
  16. Josef Strauss "Die Libelle" ("The Dragonfly")
  17. Waldteufel España
  18. Ziehrer "Weaner Mad'ln" (Vienna Girls)

In addition, here are the encores (in performance order):

  1. Johann Strauss II "Im sturmschrit" ("Double Time"!)
  2. Johann Strauss II "The Blue Danube"
  3. Johann Strauss I "Radetzky-Marsch"