Jean-Baptiste Lully Atys opera to a libretto by Philippe Quinault. Directed 2011 at the Opéra Comique  by Jean-Marie Villégier and assistant director Christophe Galland. Stars Bernhard Richter (Atys), Stéphanie d'Oustrac (Cybèle), Emmanuelle de Negri (Sangaride), Nicolas Rivenq (Célénus), Marc Mauillon (Idas), Sophie Daneman (Doris), Jaël Azzaretti (Mélisse), Bernard Deletré (Le Temps/le fleuve Sangar), Paul Agnew (Dieu du Sommeil), Cyril Auvity (Morphée), Callum Thorpe (Phobétor), Benjamin Alunni (Phantase), Arnaud Richard (Songe furneste), Jean-Charles di Zazzo (Maître des cérémonies/Alecton), Olivier Collin (L'impresario), Elodie Fonnard (Flore, suite de Sangar), Rachel Redmond (Iris), Anna Reinhold (Melpomène), Francisco Fernández-Rueda (Zéphir, suite de Sangar), and Reinoud Van Mechelen (Zéphir). Also stars the dancers of the Compagnie Fêtes galantes et Gil Isoart de l'Opéra national de Paris. William Christie conducts Les Arts Florissants. Choreography by the late Francine Lancelot and Béatrice Massin; set design by Carlo Tommasi; costumes by Patrice Cauchetier; lighting by Patrick Méeüs; wigs by Daniel Blanc; makeup by Suzanne Pisteur. Filmed for TV and video by François Roussillon; produced by Toni Hajal. Released in 2011, disc has 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Grade: NA

Richard Lawrence in the March 2012 Gramophone wrote an interesting review warmly praising this Atys in its DVD version. Neither he not the magazine was apparently aware that Atys is also available in HDVD. The reviewers at the print magazines too often haven't a clue as to what they are missing. In the January, 2013 Opera News (page 59) this Atys was praised as a "2012 Favorite" title.

Below is an exquisite YT clip which doubtless originated from this production and is probably taken  from the François Roussillon film: