Giuseppe Verdi Otello opera to libretto by Arrigo Boito. Directed 2013 by Francesco Micheli at the Palazzo Ducale di Venezia. Stars Gregory Kunde (Otello), Carmela Remigio (Desdemona), Lucio Gallo (Iago), Francesco Marsiglia (Cassio), Antonello Ceron (Rodrigo), Mattia Denti (Lodovico), Matteo Ferrara (Montano), Antonio Casagrande (Herald) and Elisabetta Martorana (Emelia). Myung-Whum Chung conducts the Orchestra del Teatro La Fenice. Directed for TV by Tiziano Mancini. Released 2014, disc has 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Grade: Help!

Richard Fairman torpedoes this production in the September 2014 Gramophone (at page 102) pointing out it was performed out-of-doors and designed to pander to tourists before reaching (this is hard to believe)  a "happily-ever-after ending."

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