HDVD Arts is an assumed name used by and www.hdvdarts.com is a domain name owned by Henry C. McFadyen Jr. McFadyen uses these names as sole proprietor of a for-profit publishing business devoted to promoting interest in high-definition videos of fine-arts subjects. The business address is 7817 La Sobrina Drive, Dallas, TX 75248.

The webmaster is Henry C. McFadyen III.

Our email is hmcfadyen@tx.rr.com or hank@hdvdarts.com. If you have corrections, comments, or suggestions about any title, please send us an email! We will amend the story for the title and give you credit as appropriate!

We are not experts in any aspect of what we are doing. We are not qualified to say much about the skill of individual performers because most of the stars we see are among the best in the world. Still, we do often express opinions about productions, and we give out a lot of bad grades. But we try to show the basis for our conclusions within a context that gives you plenty of room to disagree and reach your own opinions. If you have a different opinion from us, let us know why and we will probably give you air time.

We are always looking for help! In particular, see our Work Worksheets under Special Stories. We think we are the only critics in the world trying to establish objective ways to measure the quality of video content in disks of symphony concerts and ballet/dance titles. Study what we are doing with the Worksheets and try it yourself!

Our phone numberis 972.387.1828 (doubles as a law firm number).