Our main market consists of retail consumers of fine-art videos. Our first prototype "complete review" was our story on The Metamorphosis from the Royal Ballet. The review starts with full credits and basic facts from the keepcase and the keepcase booklet. When possible, we show the artwork on both the front and the back of the title.  The review then includes, when appropriate, comments about the source for the work (here the Kakfa short story) and relates the video to its literary source. We then provide screenshots with comments to show you what the video is like. Next we compare subject title to competing HDVDs and to what we might expect in the future from other HDVDs.  We sum up our thoughts with a grade. And, of course, we add amazon purchase buttons to make it easy for consumers to shop.

Our secondary market consists of persons working in the fine-arts intertainment industry. So we add (in smaller text) credits that we glean from the credits found at the beginning and end of the video itself. These credits are not available anywhere else in print or on the Internet. By including these credits, we could, with enough work, create a unique database for entertainment industry insiders to show who is doing what in the technical production of fine-art videos.

For a prototype of a symphony concert review, see our Bruckner Symphony No. 6 story. Accentus provided nice data in the keepcase booklet for that title. So we were even able to include in that review the names of all the musicians.

It takes a lot of work to write a complete review. So writing one of these for each title on the Alphalist would be a future goal for now. If we achieve the goal somehow, we could become a "newspaper of record" for both consumers and persons working in the fine-art video entertainment business.