Adam's Passion


Adam's Passion performance art event. Music by Arvo Pärt. Stage direction, set design, and lighting concept by Robert Wilson. Choreography by Lucinda Childs who also performs (we think) as well as dancer Michalis Theophanous. Tõnu Kaljuste conducts the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. Directed for TV by Andy Sommer; produced by Paul Smaczny. Released 2015, disc has 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Grade: NA

Pärt may be the most versitile and approachable modern composer of classical music. Four pieces by Pärt are used in this world premiere: Sequentia, Adam's Lament, Tabula Rasa, and Miserere. Wilson and Childs worked with Philip Glass on the famous opera Einstein on the Beach. The official Accentus clip below shows a lot of similarity between Adam's Passion and Einstein in designs and staging. Perhaps the biggest difference is that Einstein has a single libretto and score by Glass with a unified vision (lasts more than 4 hours) whereas Lament seems to made up of 4 relatively short independent pieces. Until we can see this, we are uncertain if it would be called an opera or perhaps a concert of performance art works.

Here's an official clip that may help: