Handel Admeto opera to libretto by NicolaHaym or Paolo Antonio Rolli. Directed 2009 by Doris Dörrie as part of the Internationale Handel-Festspiele at the Deutsches Theatre, Göttingen. Singing stars are Tim Mead, Marie Arnet, William Berger, Andrew Radley, David Bates, Kirsten Blaise, and Wolf Matthias Friedrich. Dancing by Tadashi Endo and members of the Mamu Dance Theatre. Nicholas McGegan conducts the Göttingen Festival Orchestra. Set and costume design by Bernd Lepel; lighting by Linus Fellbom; video direction by Agnes Méth; choreography by Tadashi Endo. Released in 2016, this disc has 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio surround sound. Grade: F+

Special note: this title (with C Major catalog number 750704) appears to be the exact same record as the Admeto published by C Major in 2010 (with C Major catalog number 702104). The only difference between the two versions we can see so far are the front art on the package. Just follow the link above for a review with screenshots of this title, which earned an especially bad grade from us. We have no idea why C Major continues to flog this broken horse.)