Admeto Special 4-Pack


Admeto Special 4-Pack. The Handel Admeto opera from the 2006 Halle Handel Festival was published in 2009 by Arthaus as Item No. 101258. Later Arthaus announced a new version with 1 Blu-ray disc, the whole opera on 2 DVDs, and a separate CD with the music. That's 4 discs packed in one case. The Blu-ray disc appears to be the same as in the old edition except it's on a double-layer disc (50 GB). The item number of the 4-Pack is 109067.

We don't know why Arthaus decided to market this title so aggressively. We note that other publishers have put the their Blu-ray and DVD discs together with a CD (see, for example the Priory Coventry Grand Organ recording) as a way (we think) to simplify inventory and give customers a better value with little extra actual cost.