Ballet du Capitole


Ballet du Capitole Box Set released 2017. Below are the discs for three ballets choreographed by Kadar Belarbi at the Theatre du Capitole in Toulouse. Each of them has already been reported on this website, and you can get more details by using the links provided:

  1. Le Corsaire. Adam. 2014. (Grade: C+)

  2. La Bête et la Belle. Daquin, Haydn, Ligeti, and Maurice Ravel. 2015. (Grade: B)

  3. La reine morte. Tchaikovsky. 2016. (Grade A-)

Proof that even a small ballet company can compete with the big boys. Tasteful productions give you a refreshing break from the warhorses, and you can see Kadar's work progress over recent years. I bought all these at full price and enjoyed them, so the box price for this is a good value. Three cheers for Belarbi and his troop!