Richard Strauss Capriccio opera to a libretto by Clemens Krauss and Richard Strauss. Directed 2013 by Marco Arturo Marelli at the Vienna State Opera. Stars Renée Flemming (Countess), Bo Skovhus (Count, Brother of Countess), Michael Shade (Flamand, a Musician), Markus Eiche (Olivier, a Poet), Angelika Kirchschlager (Clairon, an Actress),  Kurt Rydl (La Roche, a Theater Director), Michael Roider (Monsieur Taupe, a Prompter), Íride Martínez (an Italian Singer), Benjamin Bruns (an Italian Tenor), Josefine Tyler (Young Dancer), Samuel Colombet (Young Dancer), and Clemens Unterreiner (the Major-Domo). Christoph Eshenbach conducts the Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera. Sets and lighting by Marco Arturo Marelli; costumes by Dagmar Niefind; choreography by Lukas Gaudernak; video directed by Brian Lange. Released 2014, disc has 5.0 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Grade: NA

According to Hugo Shirley, this is the 3rd modern video of Capriccio with Renée Flemming singing the role of Countess. He says blundly that this show is the worst of the lot. You can see from the artwork above the elaborate "period" mise en scène, which Shirley finds "tacky." He praises the orchestral playing lavishly, but suggests the singers couldn't get their hearts in the right places amidst all the kitsch.