Peter & the Wolf

Sergei Prokofiev Peter & the Wolf orchestra suite. A tale of two Peters: the image on the left with the dark blue background is the new Arthaus Peter & the Wolf (Catalogue #108113) that is region free. The image on the right with the duck and wolf is the old Arthaus Peter & der Wolf (Catalogue #502487) that is limited to Region B. The old version came out in 2010; the new version dates to September 1, 2014.

We think the annimated film and the documentary will be the same. But there are changes in the presentation to ready  the new version for the world market. For example, the keepcase art and booklet for the old version was entirely in German ("und" in the title and "Oscar Gewinner" on the front). But the keepcase art for the new version is in English ("and" in the title and "Oscar Winner"). This situation is confusing to everyone except certain businessmen and lawyers. But the upshot is good because this is a very nice film that deserves to be seen worldwide. We have rewritten our review to help spread the news.

The feature firm lasts 34 minutes, and there is about an hour of high-quality bonus material. Mark Stephenson conducted a new recording of the Prokofiev score with the Philharmonia Orchestra.  Both discs will apparently have 7.1 dts-HD Master Audio surround sound. The auflösung or resolution is described on the keep case of the old disc as "1080/24P Full HD." It appears the resolution of the new disc is 1080i. Grade: X-A+

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