Shakespeare Coriolanus play. Directed 2017 by Angus Jackson. Stars Charles Aitken (Cominus), Tony Boncza (Second Volscian Senator/Volscian Servant/Roman Citizen), James Corrigan (Tullus Aufidius), Sope Dirisu (Coriolanus), Bally Gill (Roman Citizen/Aedile/Roman Soldier), Robert Ginty (Nicanor/Roman Citizen), Haydn Gwynne (Volumnia), Ben Hall (Titus Lartius), Sean Hart (Adrian/Roman Citizen/Aedile), Paul Jesson (Menenius), Martina Laird (Junius Brutus), Geoffrey Lumb (First Citizen/Volscian Soldier), Justine Marriott (Second Citizen/Volscian Soldier), Hector Magraw (Young Martius), Christopher Middleton (Volscian Soldier), Hannah Morrish (Virgilia), Jackie Morrison (Sicinius Veletus), Esther Niles (Gentlewoman/Roman Soldier/Volscian Citizen/Volscian Watch), Katherine Toy (Valeria, Volscian Servant, Roman Citizen), Rebecca Wingate (First Volscian Senator/Aedile/Roman Citizen), Simon Yadoo (Herald/Aedile/Volscian Servant), and Assad Zaman (Volscian Watch). Designed by Robert Innes Hopkins; lighting by Richard Howell; music by Mira Calix; sound by Carolyn Downing; movement by Lucy Cullingford; fights by Terry King. Directed for TV by Robin Lough; produced by John Wyver. Released 2018, disc has 5.1 surround sound. Grade: NA

Here’s a trailer from the RSC:

Here is a clip from Act 3, Scene 2, also provided by the RSC: