Der Freischütz


Carl Maria von Weber Der Freischütz opera to libretto by Friedrich Kind. Directed 2017 by Matthias Hartmann at the Teatro alla Scala. Stars Michael Kraus (Ottokar), Frank van Hove (Kuno/Samiel’s Voice), Julia Kleiter (Agathe), Eva Liebau (Ännchen), Günther Groissböck (Kaspar), Michael König (Max), Stephen Milling (A Hermit), and Till von Orlowsky (Kilian). Myung-Whun Chung conducts the Coro e Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala (Chorus Master Bruno Casoni). Set design by Raimund Orfeo Voigt; costume design by Susanne Bisovsky and Josef Gerger; lighting design by Marco Filibeck; dramaturgy by Michael Küster. Directed for TV by Jean-Pierre Loisil. Released 2019, disc has 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Grade: NA

Mark Pullinger, writing in the June 2019 Gramophone (page 101) condemns this production for its split-personality with traditional costumes and abstract modern set with houses represented by neon tubes. Clive Paget also hates the production in his review at pages 54-55 of the October 2019 Opera News. But Paget relents a bit praising the singing of Chung, Kleiter, and Grossböck.

Here’s a clip that clearly shows the split-personality reported by Pullinger. Alert: the URL of the clip below is blocked unless you click on the YouTube link provided at the beginning of the clip . . . this is a copyright mystery!