DiDonato - In War and Peace


Joyce DiDonato - In War and Peace - Harmony through Music concert. Directed 2017 by Ralf Pleger at the Grand Theatre de Liceu in Barcelona. Features mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato, dancer Manuel Palazzo, and flautist Anna Fusek. Maxim Emelyanychev conducts Il Pomo d'Oro and plays harpsichord. The concert is split into two sections, War and Peace.


  1. Handel "Some dire event hangs o’er heads…Scenes of horror, scenes of woe" from Jephtha
  2. Leo "Prendi quel ferro, o barbaro!" from Andromaca
  3. De Cavalieri Sinfonia (instrumental)
  4. Purcell Ciaconna in G minor (instrumental)
  5. Purcell "Thy hands, Belinda...When I am laid in earth Dido (Dido’s lament)" from Dido and Aeneas
  6. Handel "Pensieri, voi mi tormentate" from Aggripina
  7. Gesualdo "Tristis est animam mea"
  8. Handel "Lascia ch’io pianga" from Rinaldo


  1. Purcell "They tell us that you mighty powers above" from The Indian Queen
  2. Handel "Lead me, oh lead me to some cool retreat . . . Crystal streams in murmurs flowing" from Susanna
  3. Pärt Da pacem Domine
  4. Handel "Augelletti, che cantate" from Rinaldo
  5. Handel "Da tempeste il legno infranto" from Giulio Cesare
  6. Jommelli "Par che di giubilo" from Attilio Regolo
  7. Strauss "Morgen!"
  8. Speech by Joyce DiDonato

Choreography by Manuel Palazzo; lighting design by Henning Blum; video design by Yousef Iskandar; dresses by Vivienne Westwood; costume for Manuel Palazzo by Lasha Rostobaia; designs by Lenny's Studio. Directed for TV by Olivier Simonnet; Released 2018, disc has 5.1 Dolby Digital sound. Grade: NA

DiDonato received much notoriety by taking this recital to a number of venues over some period of time. There are many recordings related to this on YouTube. Here's the official trailer for this recording--- it looks terrific!