Die Jahreszeiten/The Seasons


Haydn Die Jahreszeiten/The Seasons oratorio. Conducted 2013 by Nicolaus Harnoncourt at the Salzburg Festival with the Wiener Philharmoniker and the Konzertvereinigung Weiner Staatsopernchor (Vienna Philharmonic and the Concert Group of the Vienna State Opera Chorus with Concert Master Ernst Raffelsberger).  Soloists are Dorothea Röschmann (soprano), Michael Schade (tenor), and Florian Boesch (bass).  Also features the documentary Nikolaus Harnoncourt rehearsing Joseph Haydn’s The Seasons by Eric Schulz. Directed for video by Michael Bayer. Released 2014, disc has 5.1 Dolby Digital sound. Grade: NA

Writing in the Awards 2014 Gramophone at page 94, Richard Wigmore lays praise on this recording with that famous trowel (from As You Like It). The video, he says, is "is intelligent and unfussy, always focusing on what you want to see. . . buy this, then, not only for a performance that does rich justice to Haydn's bucolic masterpiece but also for Harnoncourt's ever-stimulating thoughts, and some notably revealing and entertaining rehearsal footage."