Ekstasis short musical films. Jean-Baptiste Barrière directs 6 avant-garde short films with corresponding modern classical works. The works are:

  1. Kaija Saariaho Nocturne with violinist Aliisa Neige Barrière.

  2. Kaija Saariaho NoaNoa with flutist Camilla Hoitenga.

  3. Kaija Saariaho Lonh with soprano Raphaële Kennedy.

  4. Jean-Baptiste Barrière Crossing the Blind Forest with flutist Camilla Hoitenga.

  5. Jean-Baptiste Barrière Violance with violinist Aliisa Neige Barrière.

  6. Jean-Baptiste Barrière Ekstasis with soprano Raphaële Kennedy.

This title features wildly original music and video art: note the cover art and the vimeo clip below. One of the pieces is played at least in part on a bass flute, and this may be the first time this instrument has appeared in a Blu-ray recording. The disc also has interviews with both composers. Released 2019, disc has 5.1 surround sound. Grade: NA

The only resource for buying this now appears to be Presto in England. If you are familiar with these most unusual recordings, we would love to hear from you!

Here is a trailer from Jean-Baptiste Barrière: