What's Up?

Here's news about high-definition video disc ("HDVD") recordings of opera, ballet, classical music, plays, performance art, and paintings. We've got hard-to-find critical reports on hundreds of HDVDs. Pick the best titles for your excelsisphere.

May 21. We just updated and added screenshots to our story on the Massenet Thaïs opera that was published in 2009.

We continue to port the website from Squarespace5 (best on desktop) to SS7, which looks good on mobile devices and the desktop. On the new homepage, you see 8 large "tiles" with the most recent stories. These 8 stories are native SS7. To see earlier stories, go to the Alphalist or Search. Desktop users should find old stories look about the same. If you are using a mobile device, there may be "fit and finish" issues until we complete the conversion.

We estimate we are about 50 percent finished with the raw conversion. This process takes time as there are many images and PDFs that have to be imported individually. But we are making process! We expect to be finished with "convert'n"  by the end of June. After that point, fit and finish will be our priority.

There seems to be a slow down in the number of new titles from publishers the last few months (February, March, April). It could just be that many projects were rushed to come out last holiday season. Or it could be that publishers are stating to take a more "wait and see" approach when it comes to gauging future demand for optical discs (vs. streaming services). We also note that Oppo is withdrawing from manufacturing disc playing machines --- not a vote of confidence in the Blu-ray disc!

On the other hand, we assert that the few Blu-ray discs and streamed files we have seen with 4K with High Dynamic Range video images are dramatically compelling. We have no doubt that the era of showing fine-arts material with excellent video and audio is still just getting off the ground.

If the optical disc format dies, we are ready. The term "HDVD" also stands for "high-definition video downloading" which for our purposes includes streaming.