What's Up?

Here's news about high-definition video disc ("HDVD") recordings of opera, ballet, classical music, plays, performance art, and paintings. We've got hard-to-find critical reports on hundreds of HDVDs. Pick the best titles for your excelsisphere.

Mar. 19. We are porting the website from Squarespace5 (best on desktop) to SS7, which looks good on mobile devices and the desktop. On the new homepage, you see 8 large "tiles" with the most recent stories.  These 8 stories are native SS7.  To see earlier stories, go to the Alphalist or Search. Desktop users should find old stories look about the same. If you are using a mobile device, there will be "fit and finish" issues until we get all our stories updated for SS7.

We've recently completed one of our most ambitious reviews:  Einstein on the Beach opera, the surreal 4 and 1/2 hour cult legend. Kudos to Opus Arte for giving us this authoritative and weirdly fascinating recording, which we grade A+. Absorbing Einstein is uniquely challenging. We try to help out by providing aids not included in the keepcase materials: an accurate libretto and a list of segments in the opera with Opus Arte time stamps.