Hänsel und Gretel


Engelbert Humperdinck Hansel and Gretel opera to libretto by Adelheid Wette (Humperdinck's sister). Directed 2015 by Adrian Noble at the Wiener Staatsopoer.  Stars Adrian Eröd (Peter, the broom maker), Janina Baechle (Gertrud, Peter's wife), Daniela Sindram (Hänsel, the son), Ileana Tonca (Gretel, the daughter), Michaela Schuster (The Witch), and Annika Gerhards (Sandman/Dewman).  Christian Thieleman conducts the Orchester der Wiener Staatsoper, the Bühnenorchester der Wiener Staatsoper, children of the Opernschule der Staatsoper, and students of the Ballettakademie of the Wiener Staatsoper. (If you want the previous sentence in English, here goes: Christian Thielemann conducts the Vienna State Opera Orchestra, the Stage Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera, children from the State Opera School, and students of the Vienna State Opera Ballett School). Sets and costumes by Anthony Ward; lighting by Jean Kalman; videos by Andrzej Goulding; choreography by Denni Sayers; directed for TV by Agnes Méth. Released 2016, disc has 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Grade: NA

Richard Lawrence at pages 89-90 of the February 2017 Gramophone deems this a straight-forward prodution that is short on magic, but will appeal to "those who recoil from kitsch." Later in the December 2017 Gramophone, Lawrence at page 38 called this his favorite title for the year.