Engelbert Humperdinck Königskinder opera to a libretto by  Ernst Rosmer (pen name of Else Bernstein-Porges).  Directed 2010 by Jens-Daniel Herzog at Opernhaus Zürich. Stars Jonas Kaufmann (The Prince), Isabel Rey (the Goose Girl), Oliver Widmer (Fiddler), Liliana Nikiteanu (Witch), Reinhard Mayr (Lumberjack), Boguslaw Bidzinski (Broommaker), Marie-Thérèse (Broommaker's Daughter), Kai Florian Bischoff (Town Councillor), Tomasz Slawinski (Innkeeper), Anna Schlosser (Innkeeper's Daughter), Miroslav Christoff (Tailor), Wiebke Lehmkuhl (Stable girl), Pablo Ricardo Bemsch (First Gatekeeper), George Humphrey (Second Gatekeeper), and Suzanne Grobholz (a Woman). Ingo Metzmacher conducts the Chorus, Youth Chorus, Children's Chorus, and Orchestra of Opernhaus Zürich. Designs and set by Mathis Reidhardt; lighting by Jürgen Hoffmann. Directed for TV by Felix Breisach. Grade: NA

This is the only video (out in DVD and Blu-ray) ever published of this opera.  It appears no picture of the back art has ever been published. 

Here is a synopsis we found somewhere:  Königskinder follows the tumultuous story of the rugged King's Son (the Königskind) and the beautiful Goose-girl. After a chance meeting in the woods, the Königskind  and the Goose-girl fall desperately in love. However, the Goose-girl is unable to leave with her sweetheart as she is trapped by a witch's spell. Eventually the lovers are reunited, but no sooner than they set eyes on each other, they are cast out by the townsfolk. The opera is bought to a heartbreaking close when hunger forces the starving couple to eat the witch's poisoned bread, which inevitably leads to their tragic demise.

Here are some YouTube clips that suggest that Herzog successfully updated this opera: