La Fresque


La Fresque dance production based on a traditional Chinese folk tale. Music by Nicolas Godin with the collaboration of Vincent Taurelle for some sections. Choreographed and directed 2017 by Angelin Preljocaj at the Théâtre de la Criée, Marseille, France with stars dancers from Ballet Preljocaj. Set designs and videos by Constance Guisset Studio; costumes by Azzedine Alaïa; lighting design by Éric Soyer. Directed for TV by François-René Martin. Produced by Antoine Perset and Denis Molière. Released 2019, disc has 24/48 PCM stereo sound. Grade: NA

La Fresque in French translates to The Fresco in English; the name is inspired by a fresco on the wall in an ancient temple that enchants a traveler. Here is a trailer from Naxos: