Les Indes galantes


Jean-Philippe Rameau Les Indes galantes opera-ballet to a libretto by Louis Fuzelier. Directed and choreographed 2016 by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui at the Prinzregentheater in Munich as part of the Munich Opera Festival. Stars Lisette Oropesa (Hébé/Zima), Goran Juric (Bellone), Ana Quintans (L'Amour/Zaïre), Tareq Nazmi (Osman), Elsa Benoit (Emilie), Cyril Auvity (Valère/Tacmas), François Lis (Huascar/Don Alvaro), Anna Prohaska (Phani/Fatime), Mathias Vidal (Don Carlos/Damon), and John Moore (Adario). Also features the Dancers of Eastman. Ivor Bolton conducts Munchner Festspielorchester and Balthasar-Neumann-Chor (Chorus Master Detlef Bratschke). Set design by Anna Viebrock; costume design by Greta Goiris; lighting design by Michael Bauer; dramaturgy by Antonio Cuenca Ruiz and Miron Hakenbeck. Directed for TV by Andy Sommer; produced by François Duplat. Released 2017, the disc has 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio sound output. Grade: NA

Here we have another show melding together the talents of fully qualified opera singers and ballet/dance performers. This time the production is from the summer festival of the Bavarian State Opera, well known for challenging contemporary work. The raw ingredient is the Rameau opera/ballet from 1735 reworked to reflect contemporary issues. According to Alexandra Coghlan, writing in the January 2018 Gramophone (page 91), the modern themes treated are "displacement, otherness, and exile." Coghlan also comments that "the spirit behind [this show] is precisely right --- Baroque divertissement reinvented as 21st-century political and social meditation, dance and music working together as one."  

Below are two excellent clips that give you a good idea what director/choreographer Cherkaoui is up to in this production.