Alan Berg Lulu opera to libretto by the composer (3-act version completed by Friedrich Cerha). Directed 2010 by Vera Nemirova at the Salzburg Festival (Haus für Mozart). Stars Patricia Petibon, Michael Volle, Thomas Piffka, Tanja Ariane Baumgartner, Cora Burggraaf, Pavol Breslik, Franz Grundheber, Thomas Johannes Mayer, Heinz Zednik, Andreas Conrad, Martin Tzonev, Emilie Pictet, and Cornelia Wulkopf. Marc Albrecht conducts the Vienna Philharmonic.  Sets by Daniel Richter; costumes by Klaus Noack; video direction by Brian Large. Sung in German; subtitles in English only because this title is limited to Region A. No keepcase booklet. Released 2012, has Dolby 5.0 sound. Grade: B

A EuroArts version of this title also came out in 2012. It was for discs that can be played on Region B and C players, althought some folks have been able to play it in Region A also. The EuroArts version has a nice keepcase booklet, better sound, and more subtitles, including a track in German. See the EuroArts version for a  review and screenshots of this production.

Later update: Matthew Gurewitsch praised Nemirova's production and the entire cast of the Salzburg Lulu and gave it his "Critic's Choice" award in the June 2012 issue of Opera News (page 58). He especially liked the costumes and acting stating that "individually and as an ensemble, the players are riveting. Among them, the drama crackles." He praised the Vienna Philharmonic and Marc Albrecht as conductor. The Gurewitsch review is a good example how inadequate magazine reviews of HDVDs are. Gurewitsch didn't know about the better version available from EuroArts. He doesn't mention the lack of a keepcase booklet, the lack of German subtitles, or the cheaper sound specification. In fact, you can't tell if Gurewitsch watched the DVD or the Blu-ray version from Kultur. But on a website such as this one that can be updated, you have a shot at  getting all the information you deserve.