Michael Nyman - Make it Louder, Please!


Michael Nyman - Make it Louder, Please! concert film. The Michael Nyman Band perfroms live at Studio Halle in Germany. Also features Portrait, a documentary film about Nyman by Silvia Beck. Released 2014, disc has 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Grade: NA

Pwyll ap Siôn [no typos] wrote a hugely helpful 2-page article on Nyman in the October 2014 Gramophone at pages 72-73. Working as a music critic, Nyman coined the phrase "minimal" for the music of Steve Reich and similar composers. During his career, Nyman worked as "composer, performer, conductor, writer, critic, librettist, musicologist, ethnomusicologist, [and] editor." His music "managed to connect beyond the margins of modernism to a much wider audience."

Pwyll ap Siôn doesn't discuss subject title in his article on Nyman. But the article makes it clear that a documentary about Nyman belongs on this website. Many of the Blu-ray documentaries we have covered have turned out to be shallow and disappointing. But I get the impression that subject title with a concert and documentary may well be worthwhile.