Mozart Operas


Mozart Operas "box" with 3 titles (5 discs total). Below are the titles. Each of them has already been reported on this website, and you can get more details, including our grade, by using the links provided:

  1. Le nozze di Figaro.  (Grade A+)
  2. Die Zauberflöte. (Grade A) 
  3. Don Giovanni.  (Grade A-)

Released 2014, each opera has 5.0 or 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Composite Grade: A

It appears Opus Arte is pricing this as a true bargain. For example: This Le nozze di Figaro is in the opinion of many the best opera video ever made in any format. has the Figaro for sale now (Oct. 2014) at $38 while it's also offering the box at $50. You get the other two operas for $6 each.  So if this pricing holds up, it's a great value as the other 2 recordings are also highly rated by everbody. Prices change a lot, so you have to do the math.