Wagner Parsifal opera to a libretto by the composer. Directed by Michael Schulz at the 2013 Salzburg Easter Festival (Großes Festspielhaus). Stars Johan Botha, Michaela Schuster, Wolfgang Koch, Stephen Milling, Milcho Borovinov, Thomas Ebenstein, Derek Welton, Eva Liebau, Annika Sophie Ritlewski, Theresa Holzhauser, Bele Kumberger, Chiara Skerath, Carolin Neukamm,  Rachel Frenkel, Mauro Peter, and Attilio Glaser. Christian Thielemann directs the Staatskapelle Dresden, the Sächsicher Staatsopernchor Dresden and Chor der Bayerischen Staatsoper (Chorus Master: Pablo Assante), and the Salzburger Festpiele und Theater Kinderchor (Chorus Master: Wolfgang Götz). Sets and costumes by Alexander Polzin; lighting by Urs Schönebaum; choreography by Annett Göhre; video directed by Brian Large. Released 2013, disc has 5.0 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Grade: NA

This was recorded in March and released in late in July 2013!  Early buzz was that everyone was happy with the singers, Thielemann, and the Dresden Staatskapelle, but hated the direction and designs. Still, It has been a top seller in England. Mike Ashman in the October 2013 Gramophone (page 95) generally praises this production as a "strong event" with excellent singing and music. But he also gives plenty of warning to those who might be put off by such things stray Christ-figures and topless, tattooed flowermaidens.