Puccini ROH Hits Box Set


Puccini Hits Box Set with 3 of Puccini's favorite works in productions that have been revived repeatedly at the Royal Opera House.   Each disc below has already been reported on this website, and you can get more details by using the links provided:

  1. La bohème. 2010. (Grade C+)

  2. Tosca. 2012. (Grade A+)

  3. Turandot. 2014. (no grade)

This offering reminds me of the farmer who went to buy 3 donkeys at the country fair. The horse trader showed him three beasts who had, he stated, proved their worth by giving their prior owner many years of faithful service. The farmer turned them down thinking, "They've all been worked plumb near to death." Well, the La bohème and the Turandot here show signs of near-terminal exhaustion. But the Tosca was put out to pasture a while back and now looks healthy enough to survive one more hard winter. 

This lineup of titles doesn't look like a bargain to me. Consider the Tosca as a single item and keep looking for better stock elsewhere. Just so you'll know, the Tosca came out originally as an EMI disc, but now has the Opus Arte brand on its rump. By referring to our "Titles by Publisher" feature in the left navigation bar, you can see the EMI has only been involved in two HDVDs. It appears they decided to get out of the HDVD rodeo.

Starring Royal Opera Chorus, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House