Robin Hood


Jukka Linkola Robin Hood contemporary music opera to a libretto by Jukka Virtanen. Directed 2011 by Kari Heiskanen at the Finnish National Opera. (In case you didn't know, the English word "opera" is rendered as "ooppera" in Finnish.) Aimed at children and grown-ups, stars Mari Palo, Ville Rusanen, Matti Salminen, Jyrki Anttila, Niall Chorell, and Päivi Niufsula. Mikko Franck conducts the Finnish National Opera Orchestra, Chorus, and Children's Choir. Designs by Kati Lukka; costumes by Marja Uusitalo; lighting by Mickey Kunttu; battle choreography by Seppo Kumpulainen; sound engineering by Tomi Pietilä; video post-processing by Oy Ilkka Niemi. Released 2013, disc has 5.1 surround sound. Grade: NA

This is the first Blu-ray from the Finnish opera and the first published by Alba.