St. Thomas Choir Leipzig Box Set


St. Thomas Choir Leipzig box set with 3 titles featuring The St. Thomas Boys Choir. Below are the discs. The first two titles have been covered on this site, and you can get more details by using the links provided. The third title is a documentary that we do not cover.

  1. Bach St. Matthew Passion. 2012. (Grade NA)

  2. Bach Mass in B minor. 2014. (Grade NA)

  3. Die Thomaner: A Year in the Life of the St. Thomas Boys Choir Leipzig documentary.

Released 2018. Grade: NA

We don’t try to follow prices on this website. But in November 2018, this box set seems to be priced right for the Bach music with the documentary thrown as a bonus extra. (We have seen the documentary. It’s nicely done, but would be of only mild interest to folks who don’t live in Leipzig or otherwise have a special interest in boys choirs.)