The Merchant of Venice


Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice play. Directed 2015 by Polly Findlay at Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon. Stars Makram J. Khoury (Shylock), Patsy Ferran (Portia), Nadia Albina (Nerissa), Scarlett Brookes (Jessica), Owen Findlay (Salerio), Jacob Fortune-Lloyd (Bassanio), David Ajao (Jailer), Jamie Ballard (Antonio), James Corrigan (Lorenzo), Eva Feiler (Citizen of Venice), Guy Hughes (Leonardo/Servant), Gwilym Lloyd (Tubal), Rina Mahoney (Portia's Servant/Duke on Venice), Ken Nwosu (Gratiano/Morocco), Brian Protheroe (Aragon), Jay Saighal (Solanio), and Tim Samuels (Launcelot Gobbo). Set design by Johannes Schütz; costume design by Anette Guther; lighting by Peter Mumford; music by Morc Tritschler; sound by Gareth Fry; movement by Aline David; fights by Bret Yount. Directed for the screen by Robin Lough; produced by John Wyver. Released 2016, this disc has 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio. Grade: NA

Here's a short clip showing the modern designs for this show: