Schubert Winterreise song cycle performed 2015 by bartione Matthias Goerne and pianist Markus Hinterhäuser as part of the Aix-de-Provence Festival. Also features visuals by graphic artist William Kentridge. Includes documentary, A Trio for Schubert, with interviews with all three featured artists.Directed for TV by Christian Leblé. Released 2017, disc has PCM stereo sound. Grade: NA

We usually exclude opera or dance titles with only stereo sound. But we do make exceptions for classical music for soloists when the recording otherwise has some special merit. Here we have a famous tenor with piano accompaniment only,  the program is supported by unusual and original video art, and all this was offered live at the famous Aix-en-Provence summer festival.

Here's a clip from this production showing the art of William Kentridge for "The Raven" from Part 2: