Great Ballets from the Bolshoi


Great Ballets from the Bolshoi box set. This box has four ballets from the Bolshoi. All have been released individually, and we already have done reviews with screenshots and grades for all of them. Following are links to more information and our grade for  each title:

  1. Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker D
  2. Tchaikovsky The Sleeping Beauty (La Belle au Bois dormant) A+
  3. Adam Giselle C+
  4. Asafiev The Flames of Paris (Les Flammes de Paris) A

Released 2014. Combined Grade: C+

When would this be a good value? In November 2014 this whole box was was selling on for EUR 40. The Sleeping Beauty is terrific, and it was selling as a single title for EUR 30. If I wanted both the Sleeping Beauty and the Flames of Paris, which is a nice show, then purchasing the box would be a good deal. But I would not be interested in paying anything for the other 2 titles, so I doubt this box will sell very well.