Hansel and Gretel


Engelbert Humperdinck Hansel and Gretel opera to libretto by Adelheid Wette (Humperdinck's sister). Directed 2008 by Moshe Leiser and Patrice Caurier at the Royal Opera House. Stars Angelika Kirchschlager (Hansel), Diana Damrau (Gretel), Elizabeth Connell (Gertrud), Thomas Allen (Peter), Anja Silja (Witch), Pumeza Matshikiza (Sandman), and Anita Watson (Dew Fairy). Colin Davis conducts the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House (Concert Master Peter Manning) and the Tiffin Boys' Choir and Children's Chorus (Director Simon Toyne). Set design by Christian Fenouillat; costumes by Agostino Cavalca; lighting by Christophe Forey. Directed for TV by Sue Judd. Released 2011, disc is restricted to Region A. Grade: B+

This Japanese market version of the title appears from product descriptions on the Internet to have exactly the same music as that published by Opus Arte in 2009. The difference would be, of course, other artwork and the addition of package information written in Japanese.  It also appears that the sound on this recording, while excellent by general consumer standards, was not recorded with 96kHz/24 bit technology that is often used by Denon. So this would not be one of the audiophile recordings we have been enjoying from Denon. We give the same grade to the works on this title that we gave earlier in our review of the original Opus Arte version.

We would be happy to hear from anyone in Japan would could tell us more about this title.

It appears this is still available (August 2018) from www.amazon.co.jp. Look for ASIN B005MJVMHE