Jonas Kaufmann Box Set


Jonas Kaufmann box set with 4 operas featuring Jonas Kaufmann. Below are the discs. Each of them has already been reported on this website, and you can get more details by using the links provided:

  1. Bizet Carmen. 2014. (Grade NA)
  2. Gounod Faust. 2014. (Grade NA)
  3. Massenet Werther. 2014. (Grade A+)
  4. Puccini Tosca. 2014. (Grade NA)

Released 2015. Grade: NA

We have reviewed only one of these 4 titles, the excellent Werther, which is a traditional production, but made as a movie using the staged version as a location. All the other titles included in the box are updated (not traditional) productions which seem to have been popular with the Amazon customers, mostly for great singing. Early indications are that this will be priced aggressively to give the buyer a good discount. If you are older and set in your ways, you might not be that thrilled with this box. But if you are young and money is be a bit tight, this could be a good value, especially if the Amazon third-party vendors get this in inventory.