Orlando Paladino


Haydn Orlando Paladino opera to libretto by Nunziano Porta. Directed 2009 by Nigel Lowery and Amir Hosseinpour at the Staatsoper unter den Linden, Berlin. Stars Marlis Petersen, Tom Randle, Pietro Spagnoli, Magnus Staveland, Sunhae Im, Alexandrina Pendatchanska, Victor Torres, and Arttu Kataja. René Jacobs conducts the Freiburger Barockorchester. Set and costume design by Nigel Lowery. Directed for TV by Andreas Morell; produced by Paul Smaczny. Released 2013, disc has 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Grade: NA

Wikipedia says Orlando Paladino was Haydn's most popular opera during his lifetime. Fred Cohn wrote a brilliant review of this production at pages 61-62 of the October 2013 Opera News. Per Cohn, this opera is now but a "footnote." Still, he finds so much interesting stuff in this production that I want to put it on my "must buy" list. I was especially intrigued to learn of Hosseinpour's directions to the singers to dance throughout "with semaphoric gestures timed to the music."  I note also that Andreas Morell, the best videographer of the human body on the planet, was on board. Could it be that the directors smuggled a ballet into this old opera?