Handel Tamerlano opera to libretto by Nicola Francesco Haym. Directed 2008 by Graham Vick at the Madrid Teatro Real. Stars Plácido Domingo (Bajazet), Monica Bacelli (Tamerlano), Ingela Bohlin (Asteria), Sara Mingardo (Andronico), Jennifer Holloway (Irene), and Luigi De Donato (Leone). Paul McCreesh directs the Madrid Symphony Orchestra. Continuo: harpsichord, Benjamin Bayl and Joseph McHardy; cello, Christopher Suckling; lute, Jorgen Skogmo. Set and costume design by Richard Hudson; lighting by Giuseppe di Lorio (based on original lighting design by Matthew Richardson); choreography by Ron Howell. Directed for TV by Angel Luis Ramírez. This is a 4-hour show on 2 Blu-ray discs. Released 2009, discs have PCM 5.0 sound. Grade: A

Here's a report from Wonk Trevor Pyhorocki:

The casting, stage design, and music direction of this production are all top notch. Of particular note is Placido Domingo in the role of Bajazet, the deposed Ottoman ruler. Domingo is the right age, and his voice has the majesty and grandeur the part calls for. The other singers have great parts and fit their roles too, even though, in common Baroque style, two of the male characters are played by women. The stage design is minimalist, but with brilliant touches of color. The costumes are outstanding, and have incredible detail which is readily apparent in this HDVD. The story itself can be difficult to follow at times, since the English subtitles (and probably the subtitles in the other languages ) seem to be a direct translation of the Baroque libretto. The recitative can be tedious at times, but the cast does a fantastic job of making that portion as arresting as possible. And thanks to Handel's strong feel for the melodic line, the music of this opera is outstanding and overcomes all quibbles.

There are a number of YouTube clips that show this production with Domingo, but some are poor quality and it's hard to tell whether they come from this disc.