Woolf Works


Woolf Works ballet. Directed and choreographed by Wayne McGregor. Music by Max Richter. Staged 2017 at the Royal Opera House (revival of 2015 production). Stars Gary Avis, Matthew Ball, Federico Bonelli, Alessandra Ferri (special appearance), Francesca Hayward, Paul Kay, Sarah Lamb, Steven McRae, Natalia Osipova, Calvin Richardson, Beatriz Stix-Brunell, Akane Takada, Eric Underwood, and Edward Watson. Features soprano Anush Hovhannisyan and speaker Gillian Anderson. Koen Kessels conducts the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House (Concert Master Vasko Vassilev). There are 3 separate but related works presented, all inspired by the writings of Virginia Woolf:

  1. I Now, I Then (based on the 1925 novel Mrs Dalloway, designed by Ciguë,

  2. Becomings (based on the 1928 novel Orlando), designed by We Not I,

  3. Tuesday (based on the 1931 novel The Waves), designed by Wayne McGregor

Generally: costume design by Moritz Junge; lighting design by Lucy Carter; film design by Ravi Deepres; sound design by Chris Ekers; make-up design by Kabuki; dramaturgy by Uzma Hameed. Directed for TV by Ross MacGibbon. Released 2019, disc has 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Grade: NA

Here is a clip from Opus Arte: