Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ballet. Original music by Joby Talbot orchestrated by Christopher Austin and Joby Talbot. Choreography by Christopher Wheeldon with assistant Jacquelin Barrett. Performed 2017 at the Royal Opera House. Stars Lauren Cuthbertson (Alice), Federico Bonelli (Jack/The Knave of Hearts), James Hay (Lewis Carroll/The White Rabbit), Laura Morera (Mother/Queen of Hearts), Christopher Saunders (Father/King of Hearts), Steven McRae (Magician/Mad Hatter), and Gary Avis (The Duchess), Paul Kay (Vicar/March Hare), Romany Pajdak (Verger/Doormouse), and Kristen McNally (Cook). Koen Kessels conducts the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House (Associate Concert Master Ania Safonova). Designs by Bob Crowley; scenario by Nicholas Wright; lighting design by Nathasha Katz; production design by John Driscoll and Gemma Carrington; original sound design by Andrew Bruce for Autograph; staging by Christopher Saunders. Directed for TV by Ross MacGibbon. Released in 2018, disc has 5.1 dts-HD Master Audio sound. Grade: NA

This is the exact same production that was first recorded and released in 2011. The 2017 show continues to star Cuthbertson as Alice, McRae (perhaps an indispensably fantastic tap dancer) as the Mad Hatter, and Saunders as Father/King of Hearts. Most if not all of the other supporting dancers in 2017 are new. There are also changes in credits for the artistic production team. See our review of the 2011 version for more details.